Where Can I Get the Operating System?

To get your own copy of FreeBSD go to the project’s website to find out how to download or purchase the OS. Click here to find out more about getting FreeBSD.

I Have a FreeBSD Question.

Do you have a question related to FreeBSD and you don’t know where to get the answer? You can send a question to freebsd-questions@freebsd.org. Or, you can go to https://www.freebsd.org/support.html to find out how to get support.

How Can I Volunteer on the Project?

We receive many emails from people who would like to volunteer on the project. Click here to find out how you can contribute to the FreeBSD Project as a programmer or click here to find out how to contribute to FreeBSD documentation.

How Can I Donate Some Hardware?

So, you have hardware you’d like to donate to the Project. First, we’d like to say THANK YOU! The Project handles all hardware donations. They also keep a developer’s wish list, so you can see who wants what. Go to https://www.freebsd.org/donations/ to find how to donate your hardware.

How Can I Apply For a Travel Grant?

We support FreeBSD developers with their travel expenses to attend FreeBSD related conferences. To apply just fill out a Travel Grant application. Make sure you review the Travel Policy on the application before filling out. Also, it is very important that you include a detailed justification on why attending this conference will benefit the FreeBSD Project and community.

How Can I Get Permission to Use The FreeBSD Trademarks?

The Foundation owns the trademarks for the mark FreeBSD, the FreeBSD logo, and “Powered by FreeBSD.” If you would like permission to use any of these trademarks, please review our Trademark Usage Terms and Conditions and fill out this form.

How Do I Get My Logo on the Donors Page?

We would love to include your logo on our website. When you donate $10,000 or more, we will gladly include your 128×100 color logo on our Donors Page.

What can I expect from the FreeBSD Foundation?

The FreeBSD Foundation will support both the development and the popularization of FreeBSD, the world’s best open source operating system. Here are some of the projects that the Foundation can and will support in the future:

  • Development of software for FreeBSD to benefit the user and developer community, including contract development of critical system infrastructure, porting of closed source applications such as Java(TM).
  • Obtaining computers and other equipment for developers to use toward improving FreeBSD, such as the network performance cluster, FreeBSD.org cluster, and personal development systems for developers.
  • Providing additional Internet infrastructure to aid in the development and distribution of FreeBSD.
  • Support developer communication and coordination, including financial support for developer summits and developer travel.
  • Encouraging the formation of FreeBSD user groups.
  • Cultivating press coverage and advertising the utility and availability of FreeBSD.