10 Years of the FreeBSD Journal

10 Years of the FreeBSD Journal

A Crossword by Tom Jones

A decade ago, we unveiled the inaugural issue, spotlighting the release of FreeBSD 10.0 and featuring discussions on pivotal topics such as the transition to clang as the base system C and C++ compiler, and ZFS. Over the past ten years, the Journal has showcased a wealth of content, with more than 250 articles, accompanied by numerous book reviews and engaging trip reports. None of this would have been possible without the invaluable contributions from authors across the FreeBSD community, both past and present members of the Editorial Board, and, of course, our dedicated readers. A heartfelt thank you to all!

1. Makes your stackoverflow useless
4. It’s Hammer time
5. Progentitor OS
7. Frequently phonetically confused conference
8. Without them there would be nothing about which to write
11. Knows what your functions are thinking
12. King of the photocopies
13. Waiting for Godot events

2. Futuristic Tier 1
3. The Journal’s thread safe Chair
6. Complete Packaging
7. Universal home of open source
9. Friendly Version Control
10. Zed’s dead baby
14. The standard editor

Crossword Answers